Why Santa is riding in on a hot air balloon this Christmas

This year Santa has chosen to take the more scenic route while in Australia. Switching out the reindeer and sleigh for, well…. a lighter than air option.

That’s right, Santa’s going to be traversing the Australian sky via hot air balloon this year. It may be slower than the sleigh he is used to, but all Santa cares about is kicking back and enjoying the views; even if he misses delivering a couple presents (you didn’t hear that from us!).

I have put together a list of why you should follow Santa’s lead this year, and why a hot air balloon flight makes the best Christmas gift of all (even if you are the grinch).

Give a Gift with the Planet in Mind

Here at Global Ballooning, we have been lucky enough to have almost 30 years of working with amazing businesses in and around the Yarra Valley. We don’t just want to sell the Yarra Valley views; we want to support the businesses and communities who operate in the area and who are dedicated to maintaining the scenic landscape of the Yarra Valley. We try to partner with and support businesses that share our love of nature and strive to take care of the earth as much as they take care of our passengers.